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Create email and text reminders for doctors appts., teacher conferences extracurricular activities.
Search Local Events
Access the most comprehensive local search engine on the web to find fun activities for dads and kids.
Family Bulletin Board
Keep your family up to date with upcoming events. Share pictures, videos, etc.
Communication Center
Stay in touch with your kids, even if seperated by thousands of miles. Message and comment on their profiles.
Photo Gallery
Store pictures to share with your OMD family. Manage albums for all of your children.
Dad's Resources
Access resources for Dads in one convenient location.
Get Organized with Organize My Dad - Start Living Again!
Created by working dads to help you take control!
  • Organize your family's busy schedules effortlessly.
  • Use a powerful local search engine to quickly find activities for your kids.
  • Stay involved in your children's daily lives, even if separated.
  • Find help in planning vacations, birthday parties, and other special events.
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Organize My Dad
Organize My Dad

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